We rode the KVR August 11-16, 2009

20 08 2009

The 40th Marpole Scouts and 28th Kitsilano Scouts went out to the Okanagan for a 4 day bike ride on the Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) trail spanning 200km.

We left Vancouver on August 11th with 11 youth and 7 adults.  4 of us were going to ride and we had 3 support drivers.  We headed out with 2 minivans, a Toyota Tundra and an F350 1ton cargo van.  We had 15 bikes to rack, 18 backpacks and all the assorted group gear and food. We were loaded to the hilt! 

The ride along Highway 3 is actually quite pleasant in the day in the middle of summer, even if it’s long.  It took us about 7 hours to reach our starting point for the ride, Kettle River Provincial Park.    It was warm.  At 1800 it was still 26C.  It was shaping up to be a typical, hot, Okanagan ride.

The plan was to get up at 0600 every day so that we could be on the trail before 0800.   That kind of fell apart by the last day.

km’s cycled each day:

  • Kettle River Provincial Park->Beaverdell: 46km  (FLAT)
  • Beaverdell->Pear Lake: 59km (1% uphill)
  • Pear Lake->end of Myra Canyon Trestles: 26km (followed by “rescue”) (FLAT)
  • Chute Lake->Penticton: 47km (2% downhill)

The weather was comfortably cool most days except on day 3 it was 10C, raining and we all ended up mildly hypothermic…Geesh – the OKANAGAN isn’t supposed to be like that!  It’s supposed to be 35C and sweltering.  Cursed weather!

It’s hard to take a lot of pictures while cycling, but I did manage a few.  Those will come later.  I also brought the little SD780is – not to take pictures (stills SUCK, but for it’s HD video!)  Here’s a quick video I put together from the last part of the ride (from Chute Lake to Penticton)

At least the last day was fun! 😉

We stayed in Penticton on the last night and dined on real food before heading home on the Sunday via the Coquihalla. The drive was fast – just slowed down when we hit the usual traffic coming into the Port Mann.

It sure felt good to get home and hang up our gear 🙂

Tonight we head back to our Scout Hall and fold up the tents that have been drying out.   Another GREAT summer expedition under our belts.

Here’s a pano of “Summit Lake” –  a private lake near Hydraulic Lake along the KVR.  Beautiful lake with a little gazebo along it:

Summit Lake along the KVR

Summit Lake along the KVR



6 responses

20 08 2009

Great job everyone – especially to the leaders!! The cool weather probably made it all that more comfortable =) How were the campsites?

20 08 2009

Kettle River Provincial Park has a GREAT group campsite and nice park caretakers. The baked goods went down well!
Zach’s in Beaverdell was nice, but the “toilet and shower in same locked room” meant some people with crossed legs while others showered 😉
The Scout Cabin at Pear Lake saved us. We had arrived for maybe 1 hour when the rain began… the rain that fell until 0500 the next day. We had dinner in the cabin that night!
Chute Lake was nice – we added a cabin to our tent rental so that we could have somewhere warm…it was COLD and we were wet still from the day’s drenching.
Motel was spacious – to say the least.

The cool weather helped on the first 2 days but it was downright COLD on day 3. I still think HOT is better than cold for cycling.

20 08 2009

It was indeed a great trip despite I fell from the bike on the first day just after a few km from Kettle River Prov Park. I managed to ride the bike for the rest 40km and stained my pants with a new bloody and dirt pattern. Thanks Dragonspeed and Mrs D to hold this event. I like it!

20 08 2009

LOL – I didn’t mention the F/A requirements that occured in the first 20 minutes of cycling 🙂 Glad you had a good time!

21 08 2009

Hmmm… I felt sick hearing those “mud-je-dad” six hundred seventy five times.

21 08 2009

No kidding. Kids… Sigh.

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