World Police and Fire Games Judo was great!

9 08 2009

I made it out on Saturday to watch day 2 of the World Police and Fire Games (WPFG) Judo.  The light in the BCIT gym was better than many places, but I was still stuck shooting at 2.8, ISO 3200 1/640s.

Judo WPFG BCIT Burnaby BC Canada International

The Judo was great.   There were some excellent players and some incredible Judo.    It was my first time watching international Judo. It’s really quite something to see the local fans cheer on athletes from their home country.  The russians and the Croatians had big cheering squads, but the Taiwanese and Brazilians made themselves heard (both the fans with their cheers and the athletes in their action!)  The action was on two mats, so I missed photographing some of it.  The other parts that I missed were due to people wandering in front of the shot just as the big technique occured.  It would have probably been a good idea to try to work my way over to the “official” photography side of the gym so that I wouldn’t have been blocked so often.  Sigh… you get what you can when you don’t step up I guess.

Judo WPFG BCIT Burnaby BC Canada International

I’ve separated the pictures into 3 galleries…

WPFG Judo Competition 

WPFG Judo Awards Ceremonies

WPFG Judo – People

Judo WPFG BCIT Burnaby BC Canada International

It’s in my homemade photo gallery, hosted on a private system so you’re going to have to be a bit patient. 

I hope the pictures help convey the great day that it was.

If you would like a copy of an image in higher resolution, please let me know in the comments!



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11 08 2009
Coverage from the World Police & Fire Games | The Judo Podcast

[…] firefighters from around the world.  There has always been some great competition at the games, so check out his site, and a really cool video from the 2007 Games in […]

20 08 2009
deb laidler

thx for posting these pictures. I have fwded some of them to the people I know. They will really appreciate them.
deb, on behalf of Inspector Tim Laidler, VPD.

20 08 2009

I’m glad that more can see them. That’s why I took ’em! If someone wants something higher res of themselves or something…. Just drop me a comment.

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