Panthera Leo – King of the Beasts

24 07 2009

Lion (Panthera leo)
Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Lions usually hunt in prides. The females hunt and the males show up for food when they are good and ready. Once the kill has been taken down and the females have had a chance to tear up the carcase, the cubs feed and then the male comes for food. There is one male to a pride of females, but sometimes young males will roam together for a while and hunt in a coordinated unit, not having a pride of their own. We saw many lions on our trip… it almost became commonplace. The lioness in these pictures has been collared (for studies probably). We saw 4 collared lions during our time in the Serengeti. The two males were estimated at around 10 yrs old and the big standing guy was probably about the same. His pride was all sleeping in the tall grass – about 8 lionesses and 10 cubs. The lion in the tall grass that looks like he just showered is probably a young male at 2-3 years old. It’s quite unusual to see such old males hanging together – likely brothers. Wow – these cats are HUGE!








What a fantastic trip!!!



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3 03 2010

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