Colony Farm walk

9 02 2009

Mrs D and I went for a nice walk on Sunday out to the Colony Farm Regional Park in Coquitlam.  The area is wide open grassy flatlands, and in the winter it’s pretty bleak… There was still ice on the water in many of the ditches, which I think meant that the ducks weren’t as likely to be hanging out.

We heard a few Chickadees but didn’t really see much sign of life as we walked the first while.

There were a few Great Blue Herons stalking the puddles in the fields (not many fish there for them) and some buffleheads, goldeneyes, grebes, mallard and widgeons in the ditches and the small pond.  They didn’t exactly hang out in particularly easy to shoot areas but we did get some good shots.  Mrs D was using the 100-400, and I was shooting with the 70-200. I really missed the extra reach :(  Perhaps we’ll have to pick up a 2x converter for the 70-200 so that that extra reach is attainable for both of us.

Near the end of the walk, the light was getting darker and the hawks started to come out to hunt.

We got a couple of decent hawk shots.  I think they are a Northern Harrier  Cooper’s Hawk Adult and Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk Red Tailed Hawk.. Your help in ID would be appreciated.  Here they are:


(EDIT – Apparently this is a COOPER’S HAWK)

RTH(Perhaps a Juvenile Northern Goshawk?): Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk

RTH(?) Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk in flight:

We DID also see a Northern Harrier skimming the fields, looking for dinner:

Thanks for visiting!




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