Vancouver in the Fog

20 01 2009

I got up at 0545 to make the trek out to the viewpoint for the shots. I didn’t know if I’d be disappointed….

Definitely NOT disappointed!

1) Lion’s Gate Bridge   (this shot was on Wayne’s Weather Window!!)

2) Vancouver under the fog at Sunrise

More available at: My Photo Galleries






11 responses

20 01 2009

Definitely worth the early wake up call. Good stuff indeed.


20 01 2009

Thanks! I love it when all the effort pays of with some killer shots!

21 01 2009
Tim Stringer

Amazing shots, Brian! Thanks for getting up so early to take them!

23 01 2009

Thanks Tim! I’m glad others have enjoyed the photos as much as I have.

26 01 2009

Love these shots. I am a Vancouverite and love Vancouver pictures. Also like the birding ones, especially the downy woodpecker. Would you be willing to let me to use the “Fog” ones as wallpaper? Thanks for posting these.

26 01 2009

Thanks for the feedback! The downy is definitely a cute little bird!

Please see your email.

5 02 2009

Brian you’re pictures look amazing! I’d like to use the Fog pictures as wallpapers. If it’s alright with you, could you please send them to me? I especially like the ones titled:

– “Mount Baker behind a fog blanketed Vancouver”
– “Big Sky”
– “Dramatic sunrise”
– the one taken at 07:32:42

Thank you!

9 02 2009

Thanks Boris! See your email.

31 12 2009
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30 11 2011

Would you mind if we used the shot of the lions gate in the clouds for a promotional poster for a vancouver event?

30 11 2011

That would depend on what event 🙂

I’ll contact you by email.

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