Manning Park Winter Scout Camp – Warm WEATHER!!!

9 12 2008

We went out to Manning park – Lone Duck Campground on the weekend.  If you were one of the couples camping up above us, you no doubt knew we were down there.  We had the 40th Scouts and the 28th Scouts from Vancouver up.  All in all I think we had 45 kids up at camp.  It was fun – we weren’t exactly quiet.  The weather was warm for December – I think it may have made it down to –2C one night but for the most part it stayed just above 0C.  We hiked, practiced firelighting skills, outdoor cooking skills, and had a big warm campfire on Saturday night.
We all had a great time and the Venturers from both groups did a great job helping with the leadership of the Scouts.

Thanks to all that made the camp go so smoothly!

The entire collection of photos (40thcentric) are available at:

I’m sure the 28th Scouts will have a selection of pictures up soon as well.





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