10 11 2008

Last week, as usual in Vancouver, it rained.  It rained a lot.  I had noticed that my visitor count to my bird feeder seemed low and that I wasn’t going through bird seed as quickly as I had been in weeks past.  Previously I had been going through a feeder’s worth in a day and a half.  Now it was taking almost a week.  I figured there had to be more to it than just the rain.

I put on my coat and looked around to see if I could see where the birds were.  They didn’t seem to be at my feeder or my nearby trees.  Then I saw “IT”.  It was slender and sleek, with a nice big catch tray on the bottom and large clear plastic cover to shelter from the rain.  The birds were flitting in and out, and all around.  THE COMPETITION!

Our neighbours had put up a feeder as well.  In the rainy weather the local avian population definitely seemed to prefer the sheltered dining environment.  What to do?  I though about putting out little bird sized chaise lounges.  Perhaps a bird-focused Starbucks.  I was at a loss.  I ran to Mrs D and said “We have to upgrade!”  We’re losing business.  Surprisingly – she laughed… Someone clearly didn’t understand the cutthroat nature of birdfeeding. 🙄

We headed out to the local Backyard Bird shop and sized up the covers.  “Too expensive” she said.  Sigh.  I did, however pick up some suet and some new seed to hopefully entice more and different birds over to our eatery again.  Once you lose customers it can be pretty tough to bring them back. 😉

With the suet in place, it wasn’t long before we had a male downy woodpecker come by… I was so excited that I probably scared the guy off with my dash to get my camera!  Oops.

This past weekend was different.  We had Mrs. Downy come to visit.  I stealthily grabbed the camera and got a few shots.

Here’s Mrs Downy… one of my first bird shots with the Canon 50D.  Shot at 400mm through the door glass at ISO1600.  I’m pretty happy with the result – all things considered.  I hope that they will become more comfortable with me being around and give me a chance to get some better shots.



2 responses

10 11 2008

Hi Brian. I thoroughly enjoyed your posting on the competitive “nature” of bird feeding. You really made me laugh. Starbuck’s indeed! Thanks for the light reading and I hope to be alerted to more of your postings as time goes on.

Marie with Feathered Friends Bird Feeding Service

10 11 2008

I’m glad you enjoyed it! Come on by any time 🙂

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