Some of Today’s Visitors to my feeder

18 10 2008

The weather was great today!  I thought the little birds would eat me out of house and home.. they were just devouring the bird seed in prep for winter probably.  I had the following birds come by today that I could identify:

Northern Flicker (no pics 😦 ), Black Capped Chickadee, Chestnut Backed Chickadee, Red Breasted Nuthatch, Oregon Junco, Towhee (no pics), house finch and a Stellar’s Jay.  Here are the pics I DID get:



They were all taken with the Canon 40D with ISO ranging from 400-1600 and with the 100-400L lens @ 400mm

It’s surprisingly relaxing watching birds for a few hours and trying to be really still so that they will come closer.




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19 10 2008

As a ‘newie’ to blogging I’m disappointed that so far I’ve not had any hits to my website ‘A Year in My Garden’. Here I talk about the birds, flowers, weather and general activity as seen from my study window.

I loved the pics of the birds around you – very different from mine, and I notice plenty of what we term ‘LBJs’ [Little Brown Jobs!] which, despite their insignificence, are fascinating to watch going about their daily lives.

Thanks for an interesting site and looking forward to learning more about you in due course.

19 10 2008

Hi Barb!

Thanks for dropping by. Don’t worry about people not coming by much. Write and post about the things that interest you and people will come as Google picks it up.

Birds are always fun to watch.. most of the birds around here are of the LBJ variety, and you’re right… they are fun to watch as they work out the pecking order at the feeder etc.


6 11 2008

Beautiful Shots! The Chickadee just happens to be a personal favorite, next in line only to the Cedar Waxwing.

Keep up the good work. I continue to lurk on your blog.

6 11 2008

Thanks “Mom”

I’ve recently put up a suet feeder and had a small woodpecker visit yesterday morning… he was a bit camera shy though 😦 Soon I’ll hopefully have some shots of him/her 🙂

16 12 2008
CheyAnne Sexton

yeah watching birds is sooo fun. I’m wanting to get a 300mm tele so I can get closer than my 75-200. You’re chicka dees have brown on their sides.

16 12 2008
CheyAnne Sexton

I looked up Barbara’s site and nothing comes up. perhaps that could be why noone is visiting???

16 12 2008

Thanks for dropping in CheyAnne! the lens game is addicting. I am wishing I had more than 400mm available. It never ends!

We have two types of chickadees around here: the black capped and the chestnut backed. What type do you have down in New Mexico?


17 12 2008
CheyAnne Sexton

we just have the mountain chickadee. when I lived in Colorado we had the black capped. They are one of my favorites birds.

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