Some more photos from Lanzhou

19 09 2008

Well, I managed to get out and shoot a few more scenes…

Seeds for sale at the market tonight

All the tea in China?

These trucks are near our office.  One of them isn’t likely to be travelling any time soon 🙂

A canal in Lanzhou.  It hasn’t seen water for a years. I’m guessing it’s because they’ve been drawing water from the yellow river for agriculture to the point where the water levels are too low to flow in the canals anymore 😦

Open air night eateries are common around the area.   I’m not quite brave enough to try the food, but it is interesting.  EVERYTHING is cooked over coal bricks, adding to the haze and smog of the city.. Yuck.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to wander the market during the day. Hopefully I’ll get better crowd action scenes (if someone doesn’t chase me out of there 😉 )

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