Pop Quiz

19 09 2008

What country has 2 bills with the same number on them that have different values?




Give up?  China! 


I went to one of the local bakery stands tonight to buy some buns for tomorrow.  The four buns came to 4RMB, so I took out a 5 and  handed it to the girl.  She wouldn’t take it.  I pushed it forward again… still no action.  Then I turn to my colleague who is with me and he says,

“You are offering her 50 cents.”

Ouch!!! I turn red and apologize profusely while fumbling for my 5RMB note.

The 50 cent bill and the 5 RMB bill both have 5 as the number on them.  The 50 cent one is smaller. 

Hopefully this will help someone out there avoid the embarrassment I just had .

You may continue with your regular scheduled programming….  😉


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