I’m off to the Stein Valley

16 08 2008

Today we are heading out to the Stein Valley to hike with the Venturers from my group.

We have 10 days of hiking planned and then a day of river rafting.  It’s going to be a real challenge.  The last time I did this hike was 14 years ago.  It was tough then.  Now that I’m 40…. Urgh, it’s gonna be tough.

When Mrs D and I hiked this the last time, our camera batteries died on the first day :(  We only got 3 pictures.  This time, I’m bringing the 40D and 2 batteries.  2 x 4GB cards.  I WILL make sure I get my pictures!

Here’s our itinerary… I’ll be back online by the 29th at latest.

Day 1:                    Sunday, August 17 – Departure Date
                              0645: Leave Hall for main bus terminal
                              0800: Greyhound bus to Whistler Village for transport to Blackcomb Helicopters
                              1200: Helicopter to Tabletop Mountain
                              Hike begins – Tabletop Mountain to Caltha Lake (4.5 hours) 

Day 2:                    Caltha Lake to Tundra Lake (8 hours)

Day 3:                    Ultimate Challenge Day – Tundra Lake to Stein Lake (10 hours)

Day 4:                    Stein Lake to Avalanche Creek (5 hours)

Day 5:                    Avalanche Creek to Cottonwood Creek (6 hours)

Day 6:                    REST DAY: NO HIKING; Remain at Cottonwood Creek

Day 7:                    Cottonwood Creek to Ponderosa (5 hours)

Day 8:                    Ponderosa to Lower Cable Cross (6 hours)

Day 9:                    Cable Cross to Devil’s Staircase (7 hours)

Day 10:                 Devil’s Staircase to Stein Valley Trailhead (2.5 hours)
                              Hike to Lytton (3 hours)
Lodging at Lytton: Jade Springs Campground

Day 11:                 Wednesday, August 27
1030: Hyak River Rafting on the Thompson River

Day 12:                Thursday, August 28 – Return Day
1645: Greyhound to Vancouver
2145: Arrival at Vancouver bus terminal




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