Europe 2008 (Chester) Day 5 – May 29

29 05 2008

We left Sale at 0900 today and it was a short one hour drive down to Chester.  We drove around until we found some close parking.  Found it.  For three hours or more: 12 POUNDS!  Shelling out my CAD24, I  was now parked, and not about to move until we get bored with Chester.

We walked up the rows to the cathedral and went in.  We took a TONNE of pictures.  Can you believe it???? They LET you take pictures.  Admission to the cathedral was only about £4, and it came with an audio guide!!  The building was lovely and there was some great art throughout the cathedral.  I think I got some good pictures down the aisle and the audio did a great self guided tour. As with most churches, the inside of the cathedral was dark, but nothing that high ISO can’t get around.   There was a service happening in one of the chapels at 1145 so we left and headed down to "the cross".  At 1200 the the town crier (criess?) came out and called out some greetings to visitors and entertained the gathered crowds.  It was fun.

We walked over to the EastGate and decided to walk along the Chester wall.  What a long wall and correspondingly, a long walk :)  The tour of the wall did give some nice views and insights into the ancient Roman and Norman history of the town.  Very nice. 

We stopped in on a pub called the "Black inn" I think… founded in 1646.  On the second level of the rows and only about 6 foot 6 ceiling clearance to the beams.  Really got the feel of an old medieval pub.  Loved it.  Had some Samuel Smith’s Bitter for me and the lager for Mrs D.

We had seen enough by 1400 so we headed back to the little Astra and  left Chester.  We got back to hotel 1530ish  and then we grabbed our laundry and headed over to the launderette just a couple blocks away.   We started laundry and the lady that runs the place nearly talked our ears off.  Mrs D had a hard time with the Manchester accent.  Myself, I got about 2/3 of what she was saying 😉

With our laundry finished we were just in time to go visit Auntie Phyllis.  She turns 90 this year!  Her son Michael and his wife Elaine where also there with their son Neil.  It was a great  get together at a pub not far from Auntie Phyllis’ place, and after that we headed back to her place and chatted and socialized.  At 2130 we had to bid farewell to all as we were planning a long day driving up to Fort William in Scotland the next day.

When we got home, I found that my email about  internet problems of the night before had been answered by a tech and they had given me a free 24hr period to use the system.  SWEET.  Finally got some blog postings uploaded, and started on uploading the 4GB of photos to the home PC.

Perhaps during the evening in Scotland I’ll get some photos ready for uploading to fotothing.

It has ended up quite late, so It’s off to bed finally!




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