New Lens!

20 05 2008

We got the 100-400L the other day…. I LOVE it.  If you are thinking about it… stop thinking and start saving!  Sharp… Lovely.  Obviously if you have the 400 F/4 you might not need it, but we mere mortals are VERY happy with this lens.

Here are some shots.  (For real detail, see the full sized photos by clicking on the images below:

Mr Wood Duck – cruising:

Mrs Wood Duck – cruising:

Mallard Ducklings

Long Billed Dowitchers in flight

Male Cowbird doing a bit of posing

Male Towhee WAY up in a tree

Song Sparrow

Canada Goose Airing out his/her wings. I love the feather detail in this.

Canada Goose – Up Close and personal



3 responses

22 05 2008

Looks like a lot from Burnaby Lake.
Nice to see.

22 05 2008

Burnaby Lake is SO close… it’s great to get out and take pictures of the birds there. Only 5 minutes or so from home!

25 05 2008

It’s about 12 minutes from my place too, and one location I spend a lot of time at.

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