Another new bird!

13 05 2008

Last night, I was just sitting around watching the Red Wings (the Hockey team – not the bird) beat Dallas when out the window appears a first time bird for me. It was large..certainly larger than the Chickadees and Sparrows; about the size of a crow.

"Quick dear! Grab the camera!!", I call/whisper.

Slowly I get the camera up to the glass of the door and I squeeze off a few shots, cursing the late evening light. As I open the door ever so slowly the bird freezes and then flies off. Gone.

I run upstairs to the PC, download the shots and process them. I check out my bird book… It turns out that I saw a Band Tailed Pigeon. Definitely prettier than the rock pigeons we always see.

Here he is with a bit of noise… Like I said it was darker than I would have liked:

Shot with the Canon 40D and 100-300mm 4.5-5.6 lens.




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