What the HELL is some Project Manager at MS thinking????

2 05 2008

Count me as NOT impressed!

I’ve talked about Foldershare before and mentioned how good it is.

That just changed.   MS have forced an "upgrade" to a new version.  Win2K NOT supported 😦

Well shucks – great way to kill off a product guys.

There is so little code that should require XP only… Come on, this is ridiculous.

Apparently I’ve got to go look into some nice little open source tool called Unison

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3 05 2008

Unison is terrific, but it just handles the synchronization: you have to provide the various storage spaces. I prefer not to upload my files to a third party anyway, especially if they’re stateside. I wrote about my sync routine a while back: http://whathesaid.ca/2007/02/10/duplicloreproittosynchroordinopysimilefuseplication/

3 05 2008

That’s what I liked about foldershare though.. It worked seemslessly through a pretty restrictive work Firewall policy, by bouncing through the central server.

3 05 2008

I think Unison uses SSH as its default transport. Nice ‘n secure, but 22 might be an exotic port in some places, particularly Windows shops. You’d probably also need a static IP, especially if you’re syncing to a remote subnet.

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