Europe2008 – PLAN C!

30 04 2008

The never ending revisions for this trip continue.  I think we’ve got a better idea of the what and where now:

The daily itinerary looks like this… Comments?

Any travel that isn’t indicated otherwise is by a rental car.  Anyone know the blest place to rent a nice little Turbo Diesel Automatic in London?

Day 1 Fly Canada to London Heathrow
Day 2 Arr London
Day 3-4 London
Day 5 London->Bath->Manchester
Day 6 Chester
Day 7 Manchester->Glasgow->Oban->Fort William
Day 8 Fort William->Dundee->Edinburgh->Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
Day 9 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne via the coast->Harwich
Night of 9 Ferry From Harwich->Hook of Holland
Day 10 Hook of Holland-> The Hague (afternoon Maduradam)
Day 11 kinderdjik + Other?
Day 12 The Hague->Brussels->Luxemburg
Day 13 Luxemburg->Neuschwanstein Castle
Day 14 Neuschwanstein Castle->Mullheim
Day 15 Mullheim->Orleans
Day 16 Orleans->Chartes->Paris (Versailles)
Day 17 Paris
Day 18 Paris
Day 19 Paris (Versailles)-> Beaches of Normandy->Dieppe->-Vimy->Ypres
Day 20 Ypres->Calais->Dover-London (Ferry)
Day 21 London
Day 22 London->Canada

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