Reifel – Again!

28 04 2008

We were out at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary… AGAIN last week (April 20th, 2008). If you were there and noticed the swarm of 50 people in yellow and black jackets…  Sorry. I know it wasn’t exactly the quiet relaxing time you had hoped for, but it was an incredibly educational experience for the kids!  This time I brought the 28th Vancouver Cubs and Beavers out to see the birds.  Mr Ireland, the manager  is a  REALLY great guy, super knowledgeable about birds and I think he just might be a bit more patient than Job was 🙂

It was a cool day, with a high of only about 8C but there was sun so it wasn’t too bad.  I shot bird pics with my 40D while Mrs D shot kid pics with her 400D and one of the scouts shot with the Powershot S60.  We had about 300 photos to sift through and came up with about 100 or so that really gave the flavour of the trip.  You can see the whole gallery at the 28th Scouts Page.

Here are a few of my favourite bird pictures:

Male Ring Necked Duck (a rare visitor to the sanctuary):

Male Redwinged Blackbird in full song:

Great Blue Heron keeping an eye on things:

Mrs Mallard having a rest but keeping an eye on me:

Brown creeper (gravity doesn’t seem to apply to these guys):

This was a first ever sighting for me of this little guy.  Very cool!

Mr Great Horned Owl keeping a watchful eye over the nest:

Rufous hummingbird:

Male Northern Pintail:


For all the larger sized photos of these birds, please visit their fotothing pages:

Another successful birding outing – DESPITE the 50 people 😉



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