Some birds from Reifel

1 04 2008

On Sunday we were out at the Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary with the cubs.  I got a few decent shots.

Great Horned Owl:

Canon 40D 100-300mm @  300mm 1/800s F/5.6 ISO 1600

2. Northern Shoveller (A first for me)

Canon 40D 100-300mm @  1/800s F/5.6 ISO 200

3. A classic bird at the sanctuary – Sandhill Crane…. Staring me down:

Canon 40D  100-300mm @ 300mm 1/250s F/9 ISO 200

4. Sandhill Crane (profile view)

Canon 40D 100-300mm @ 300mm 1/640s F/9 ISO 200

You can also find these guys at my Fotothing photo blog

Continued improvement!

1 04 2008

Yesterday, I decided to try my luck with the birds again.  Black Capped Chickadees this time.   I’m pretty happy with my results:

Canon 40D 100-300USM @300 ISO 400 w/ on body flash used for fill.
1/250s F/5.6


1/250s F/7.1


1/250s F/8 

They can also be found on my Fotothing free photo blog


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