Better Birds

26 03 2008

I’ve taken some advice from the folks at POTN and have tried to shoot my local birds in the trees AROUND the balcony rather than while they were at the seed.  This went better.  The chickadees were very comfortable even flitting in to get a bite while I stood next to the seed, but the juncos were much more skittish.  Since the light was dark I decided to kick in the built in flash.  This limited me to 1/250s but I was able to set a smaller aperture.  The problem is that when the flash goes off, the birds take off VERY fast :(  I got a few shots of birds with wings in full flash and their butts to me… Urrgh.  Patience and a LOT of pictures later, I came up with about 5 decent shots.

The site that hosts them unfortunately has the 550px preview a bit dark, so you’ll have to click on the picture to open up the 1024px shot at its INTENDED brightness.  Enjoy!

Photos taken with Canon 40D, 100-300mm, usually at 300mm USM F/4.5-5.6 EXIF available on the fullsized pics.

1. Black Capped Chickadee

2. Another Black Capped Chickadee

3. Dark Eyed Junco (Oregon) coyly hiding in the fir

4. Dark Eyed Junco (Oregon) at "the feeder" 

5. Dark Eyed Junco (Oregon) finally sitting on a branch!

Constant improvement… that’s my goal.  



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