25 03 2008

I’ve taken to shooting more birds again 🙂

  1. I’ve started putting feed out on our balcony railing outside our living room.

    This has had the fun effect of bringing in all kinds of little (and large birds).  I now have seen darkeyed juncos (Oregon variety), black-capped chickadees, stellar’s jays and (somewhat surprisingly) crows.  The chickadees appear to be afraid of the juncos and they all seem to fear the crows.  The crows, on the other hand are really afraid of me while the chickadees don’t seem to care.  It’s quite an interesting "pecking order"

  2. It’s springtime and the ducks and other birds down at Burnaby lake are all trying to "get lucky", so their plumage is at its prime right now.  With the still relatively dull light of spring it’s a bit challenging, but there are some beautiful species down at the lake these days.

Here are my most recent shots…the version here is a bit dark, but if you click on it, you’ll get a larger (and brighter) version with better contrast with all the EXIF data intact for those that like to see what I used for settings. Shots are all taken with a Canon 40D and the Canon 100-300mm USM lens.

Backyard birds:

  1. Dark Eyed Junco:
  5. Black-capped Chickadee – doing the speedskating pose 😉

Lake Birds

  1. Male Bufflehead
  2.  Song Sparrow
  3.  Male Redwinged Blackbird
  4.  Mallard pair (sometimes you DON’T want the head 😉 )
  5.  Male Wood Duck

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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