Planning a Trip to Europe

16 03 2008

I’m planning a trip to Europe… I’d love some input from those that have “Been there. Done that.”  What do you think about the planned itinerary?  I obviously also have about 4 days that can be redistributed to break up the trip and allow me to spend longer in some places than others.

I also want to find something to help break up the trip on what is presently days 16, 17, 18.  Anyone have any ideas?  Please leave comments with ideas!

Day # Origin Destination Time Distance Method
1 Vancouver Amsterdam Fly
2 Amsterdam The Hague 0:50 60km Drive
2 The Hague Kinderdjik 0:43 53km Drive
2 Kinderdjik Amsterdam Drive
3 Amsterdam Brussels (via the coast) 4:07 229km Drive
4 Brussels Reims 3:21 252km Drive
5 Reims Chartres 2:15 224km Drive
6 Chartres Paris Train
7 Chartres Paris Train
8 Chartres Saint-Laurent-Sur-Mer 3:02 313km Drive
9 Saint-Laurent-Sur-Mer Calais 5:03 518km Drive Beaches of Normandy/Vimy memorial
10 Calais London 2:50 171km Drive/Tunnel
11 London Transit
12 London Manchester 5:34 357km Drive via Bath
13 Manchester Chester Drive Day Trip – visit relatives
14 Manchester Fort William 6:51 573km Drive
15 Fort William Drive
16 Fort William Newcastle upon Tyne 5:44 435km Drive
17 Newcastle upon Tyne Ypres 8:06 702km Drive/Tunnel
18 Ypres Amsterdam 2:51 297km Drive
22 Amsterdam Canada Fly

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