Oil is now at record levels!

3 03 2008

Great… as if life in Vancouver isn’t expensive enough, Oil has hit an ALL TIME RECORD HIGH USD103.95(inflation adjusted).  Life just keeps getting more expensive and wages don’t seem to keep up.

Nice to see a few oil execs and Middle East princes will be getting richer.  They need the money. 




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Thanks for the great Tunes Jeff Healey

3 03 2008


Jeff Healey died today (Sunday March 2, 2008).  I had the privilege of seeing him play in the student pub at McGill in about 1988.  The man was truly a guitar genius.  His music had depth and feeling.  He drew you in with his playing.  Now, no new music will be forthcoming 😦

Thanks Jeff!  The tunes will carry on your memory inside us all!


Norman Jeffrey Healey

March 25, 1966 – March 2, 2008


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