Snow Tubing at Cypress

19 02 2008

On Sunday Mrs D’s Cub pack went snow tubing up at Cypress Bowl.  The weather was FANTASTIC.  Every man and his dog was out that day.  The group took the bus, but I drove.  I had to park so far away, I had the bus shuttle me to the tubing park!  We got to the park around 1000 and soon we had 35 kids hurtling down the snowy hill in various bunches ranging from 1 tube to 19 tube “rafts”.  Everyone had a GREAT time.  The cost (IMHO) is a bit steep @ $13 (at least as a GROUP we got more than just 2 hrs) but I suppose they have to cover their operating costs.  While I miss the fun of being a kid and tobogganing down any random hill, and practically killing myself and my friends in the process, I suppose if you’re officially running a hill, you have to put safety first, and that means that some of the thrill isn’t quite there.  For people who have never slid down a hill on a plastic bag,  a cardboard box or any else that’s slippery, I suppose this is as good as it gets.  Many people REALLY were lovin’ it – Young AND old 🙂

I got to play with the 70-200L F/2.8 again.  It really is nice and SHARP.  I took about 400 pictures during the outing.  The real problem now is getting Mrs D to edit down the number of “keepers” to about 70 or so.  After that, I’ll pick the cream of the crop for posting and will have a gallery for you.  In the mean time here are a few:

1. Friends
Friends!  - Tubing at Cypress Bowl

2. Group Ride!

100% Crop

3. Goofing around

100% Crop

3. Mrs. DragonSpeed

100% Crop

4. Mrs. DragonSpeed with one of the Beavers

100% Crop

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