Birds in Flight

4 02 2008

I went down to Burnaby Lake on Saturday to try my hand with the new camera shooting Birds in Flight.

Armed with invaluable information which gleaned from the folks at Photography on The Net I set my camera to AI Servo and my metering to SPOT.  I set my AF point to the center dot and put on the 100-300mm lens.  Since it was really sunny out and the environment was pretty snowy I also put on the circ polarizing filter to try to cut some of the nasty brightness from snow reflections. I set the camera to Av and used F6.3 which resulted in about 1/25-1/1000 depending on the bird colour and background.

I shot about 180 shots.  I was truly surprised when I got home with how many ended up in focus and pretty sharp.

Here are some of them:

Full size of all these can be accessed via the Fotoblog at: and

It was FUN!!!

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3 responses

5 02 2008

At first glance..oh, my!! The pictures are awesome. They’re so sharp. If you got this good pictures out of 180, the effort is worth that. Thanks for sharing.

5 02 2008

I was really surprised how well the camera tracked. I was amazed that I could take moving subjects so well!

7 02 2008

Awesome birds, bro!!

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