Finally – The federal government steps up to the plate

2 11 2007

As mentioned previously, the Canadian government has been allowing a War memorial in Britain to go unkempt uncared which has resulted in many passers-by not even being able to recognize it for the memorial that it is. 

Canadian war memorial being used for "hanging out"

Conrad Black had originally paid to have it installed and serviced, but things aren’t all roses and champagne for Lord Black these days, so he’s not footing the bill anymore.

The pressure has finally snapped the the slow moving federal government to do something.  Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty had even said that his province would step up and pay if the feds were too cheap to care.

On October 31st, 2007 the Canadian government has said that they will pay $250K to assume ownership of the memorial, and will be paying $100K/annum to care for it. (WHY it costs that much to care for it…. I dunno)

Thanks to all that complained to your MP, and to Mr McGuinty for calling out the feds on their lack of patriotism.

Oh Canada!




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