Halo 3

6 09 2007

Well  – I finally did it.

This past weekend I went out and pre-ordered my copy of Halo 3

For those of you living in a cave during the last couple of years, Halo is probably THE most successful video game franchise.  PERIOD.  Halo 3 has over 1 million copies pre-ordered.  This thing is HUGE.

But wait…. not only do I get the game… I’ll also get the ultra cool H3 ball cap, and the thing that EVERYONE wants… a T-Shirt that says “I PWN”.  Yeah – Like I can see myself EVER wearing that outside of the house… NOT.

Halo 3 Ball cap and Tshirt

From the Future Shop website:


Pre-order any Halo 3 version today in-store and receive an Official Halo 3 Hat and “I PWN” T-shirt
*See In-store associate for details
*While supplies last, one T-shirt and Hat per person
*Shirt and Hat will be available upon pick up of the Halo 3 game

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