Last Night’s Eclipse

28 08 2007

(Update – Aug 30.  I have posted the entire first half of the lunar eclipse as a composite photo – HERE

I got a few photos from the eclipse of last night (August 28th).  Actually I got about 200 photos 🙂

I’ve posted 3 up on my Photo Blog:

Here they are in small (click on the picture for the larger version):

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Aug 28

Aug 28

Aug 28

The moon wasn’t totally eclipsed until 0252 on the 28th.  It made for a pretty long night.  I kept myself away by taking shots at 5 minute intervals from 0120 onward.  I must have been quite the sight, sitting in my driveway with telescope, tripod and camera all set up and me going back and forth between them 🙂

Fun, beautiful and unfortunately rare when we in Vancouver get clear enough skies to see a lunar eclipse.

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31 08 2007

Did you shoot it thru telescope???

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