40th Marpole Cubs visit to the Vancouver Aquarium

16 08 2007

Back on August 1st, after the 100th Anniversary of Scouting celebration, I went to the Vancouver Aquarium with my cubs.  I got some pretty good pictures.

Sea Jelly - Vancouver Aquarium
I hope you enjoy the tour:


When you come to Vancouver, be sure to visit the Aquarium.  A good portion of the $20 goes towards marine conservation. 

Do you know of a good Aquarium?  I can only compare this with Ocean Park (which while huge in land could have used more animals)

Our 7th Anniversary

16 08 2007

August 5th was our 7th Anniversary.  For the occasion we headed down to a beautiful little cabin rented out by Mount Baker Lodging.  The location was great, and very peaceful.  We spent a day wandering around the alpine areas of Mount Baker and Twin Lakes.  Holy Lobstering… ouch.  Darned Alpine sun.

To make a long story short, it was just the thing we needed to get away and relax, and pretty much in our own backyard.  Just about 1.5 hours from our home to the cabin.  Border included!

I’m already plotting when we can get back!
Mount Baker - Fire under Ice


Our Scouts are back home!

16 08 2007

They’ve been gone since July 22nd and just got back yesterday… They all came back so tanned – amazing seeing as they were in England and France with the weather mostly being overcast… Asians… they tan so easily!

Anyway, it looks like nobody got lost, injured or thrown in jail (The big 3 concerns 😉 ) and they had a generally good time.  I now have the fun of sifting through about 2000 photos that they took while there and choosing the best to show you in a photo gallery of their trip.  We already did “Part I”, but now there’s sooooo much more!

Here’s a teaser (the opening ceremonies with 40000 Scouts):

Welcome back guys!  We even saved some rain so it would feel like you were still in Europe 😉

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