Acer Aspire ASE700-EQ661A and Onboard RAID

9 08 2007

I recently posted that I had acquired the ACER Aspire with the Core2 Quad. I also was miffed that I appeared to have a neutered BIOS that had support for onboard RAID but not accessible.

Heheh.  Boy was I wrong.  After finally configuring my Adaptec 1430SA to work with my disks and Vista I plugged my two old HD’s from my old PC into my Motherboard SATA connectors and what should I see when I boot, but the option to configure my disks into anything from RAID 0 to RAID 5 🙂  So, ACER doesn’t totally screw you around.  My mean thoughts that I was having were wrong.





3 responses

10 08 2007
Jack Johnson

Everybody is talking now abouth the cuad core…does it really affects the processes or is it just like the dual core…nothing that a few more ram wouldn’t resolve and jet cheaper.

7 10 2010

@Jack Johnson:
your a complete fool to think that more ram will give you the same boost as extra processors. Holy hell dumbass…

7 10 2010

If the system is constantly into the page file, it isn’t going to matter how fast your processors are if you can’t move bits out of memory because they are paged to disk. Memory is 1000x faster than the fastest disk. THAT speeds things up. But, you go ahead and just by processors and keep your RAM nice and small (why would you these days… RAM is CHEAP!)

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