Bog Rosemary

7 08 2007

A while back (on my now defunct earlier blog site 😥 ) I had a photo of a pretty pink flowering scrub that was growing around a lake at which I had been fishing.  I asked you, my astute readers, if you had seen it, or knew of it.

I had no answer until today.  One of my readers had passed the picture on to his mother who showed the picture to HER mother, and we got an answer – Bog Rosemary!  Technology and good old people power!  That’s the new world order 🙂 Not EVERYTHING can be googled 😉  Well, technically if you know it’s called “Bog Rosemary” you can google that, but it’s harder the other way around.

Here’s the picture in question:

Thanks, Shaun, for ID – I had given up on knowing what it is!



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