Adaptec 1430SA and Vista – having a bit of a problem

4 08 2007

My plan to RAID my VISTA BOOT drive seems to have come to a bit of a speed bump in its path to completion 😦

Here’s what’s happening:

  1. Vista installed and running using onboard SATA port
  2. Installed Adaptec 1430 card
  3. Vista recognized and installed the drivers from the Adaptec site.
  4. Device Manager shows the Adaptec 1430SA card installed and happy.
  5. Shutdown – move HDD to 1430SA. – Start up
  6. Vista begins to boot (probably the part where it uses BIOS calls) and then “POOF!”
  7. It reboots and we’re back to step 6 😦

How can I get past this?  Any suggestions?  With XP there was a “Generic Disk driver” which you could install and it would then rediscover its controller later.  Not so much that I can see with Vista.

All you tech guys out there….what do you suggest?

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