Mid Jamboree Update from the 40th Scouts at WJ’07

31 07 2007

It seems our leader has managed to squeak in some time at the “Internet Cafe” at the World Jamboree.  His latest update:


If it seem like I am rushing through this, I am….it’s £3.50 per hour for Internet here!

Wow!  Our first 5 days here at the 21st World Scout Jamboree has been amazing!  We had our opening ceremony on the 29th and The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip and his son, William were there.

The highlight of the opening ceremony was when all the flags were paraded in and it finally dawns on you just how many people from all over the world is here.  Amazing that we can all live together here being so close together but not around the world with so much more space…..

Weather has been great!  It drizzled a bit when we arrived but now the forecast is for sun for the next week.  The only thing I have not gotten used to is the constant wind…it’s always windy here!

For those who have not visited the site, you can get all the WJ news here:


You can find the WJ radio station, Promise FM [editorial note – this link was bogged down when I tried to get there], and listen to the different people being interviewed.

There are so many people from all over the world here, it is incredible.  The logistics of moving people from one place to the next is mind-boggling.  Each session is at least 2000 people…that’s almost all of the PJ participants that needs to be moved every 3 hours…for ONE event!

Those of you from HK will be interested to know that they brought 450 Scouts and 150 IST (leaders that pay to come here to do service).  There is a massive contingent from Korea and Japan as well.

We are camping with people from Mauritius and they are very nice.  Most speak English but they all speak french.  It seems most people here know how to speak french.  Funny that the official languages are both so anything from the Jamboree is done twice!

Programming started three days ago.  First was Splash! which is a water activity though there is no swimming as we are doing our activities in a reservoir.  I went sailing with the Leader from Mauritius (Benjamin) and flipped as we caught the heavy wind the wrong way.  Funny thing was that we chose the largest sailboats (5 man boats) and was told it was very hard to flip.  Henry, who sailed in the another large sailboat did fine!

Yesterday was Terraville where participating countries set up exhibitions and games for people to play.  It was a lot of fun and I thought Taiwan did the best job.  I learned how to make a dragon ball!

Jousting with horses during lunch was extra entertainment for everyone.

Today was an educational day with Trash! which is a morning activity that focuses on conservation.  The afternoon was at the Global Development Boulevard which focuses on poverty issues.

Tommy, Kyle and Devin had a great time today when they went scuba diving in the dive tank today.  The water was a bit cold but they certainly wanted to do it again.

One thing in common about this international crowd is their liking for signing….they love to sing and sing all the time.  It’s amazing and I wish we do that in Canada.

Tomorrow is the big day!  Our Sunrise Ceremony will take place at 0800 so we have to get 40000 people there starting at 0600.  It takes quite a while when there are so many people to move.  I hope everyone will be able to wake up on time!

On a side note, fish and chips here is quite good!  Showers are HOT!  Nothing like PJ here.

I will update again as soon as I can!


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