Why do people NEED to use the mouse????

30 07 2007

I was reading a post by Jeff Atwood about Google’s dumb “I’m feeling lucky” button which devolved into a generic “What’s wrong with users” post and I got to thinking.  I see users making dumb decisions EVERY day it seems.

The one that really gets me is when they sit down and login to their computer:

Cursor is on password field with the wrong name.  Here is the sequence of events:

  1.  go to mouse and moveto and click on the username field.  Click again (often accidentally) and then hit combinations of delete and backspace to clear out the last username.
  2. Type username
  3. switch hand to mouse and moveto and click in the password field.
  4. Switch back to keyboard, type in password
  5. Switch back to mouse and moveto and click on “OK”


This could easily have been achieved, never moving your hands from the keyboard:

  1. Hit- SHIFT TAB to go back to username field. (Automatically selecting all text)
  2. Type username
  3. Hit TAB
  4. Type password
  5. Hit Enter

DONE!!!!!   No back and forth from the mouse to the keyboard… No weird clicking and moving and hoopla.  Quick and efficient.  Please do your part to help a person gain that little efficiency in their life!  PLEASE!

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