40th Marpole at the World Jamboree

23 07 2007

This dispatch just in from Britain (make sound of morse teletype in your mind):

Just a note to let you all know that we arrived safely!  I am so tired now….it’s 11:30pm and most of us haven’t slept for days.  Everyone is in bed now.
The rooms here at the university is great!  The Canadian Service Team has certainly done a great job!  Hard to believe they are volunteers.  Everyone gets a private room.  Devin’s one is huge!  Each patrol has a lounge/kitchen to heat things up or make a snack.  Plus, internet connection…though the kids don’t know this yet and even the Service team doesn’t know cause I asked them about it.  I just tried plugging my laptop to the Cat 5 outlet and it worked!
Everyone is having a great time and most have zeroed in on the girls.  🙂
If I didn’t have to travel so far, I’d swear that this place is the same as Vancouver….same temperature, greenery, air….it’s a cool showery day today.
Kingston is a small town about 30 minutes outside of London by the underground subway.  It’s feels really safe and there should be no problems here at all.  Most of the stores here we can find in Vancouver.
Will send you some pictures once I get that ready.  Also, will update you again tomorrow….after we go yachting up the Thames River to Windsor Castle.  Hopefully, the Queen will be there to greet us! 😛



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