Changing my PC – Migrating RAID1?

19 07 2007

OK – here’s my dilemma…

I just picked up a new PC.

Acer Aspire (Intel Q5500 Core 2 Quad) at 2.4GHz w/ 2GB RAM and a 500GB SATA (II?) drive.  It comes with Vista Home Premium.

I already have an XP install running on a clone system built on a P5GD1 using the ICH6R SATA RAID on the motherbooard.  My two 120GB disks are running RAID level 1.

I also happen to have a PCI-x SATA RAID card.

Which of the following options seems the best?

  1. Move my existing mirrored setup over to the new box (disk image/rebuild on new RAID card/restore (running XP Pro), and use the 500GB as a second,JBOD disk for scratch and things I don’t really care that much about
  2. Acquire new 500GB drive and mirror with present one, running VISTA Home Premium.  Keep other disks as JBOD for scratch etc.
  3. Acquire new 500GB drive and mirror with present one but reinstall XP and all apps. RAID up the old disks for a mirrored second drive.

If I’m going to move the XP installation, I suppose my best bet is to install the card into my old computer first, thereby having XP load the appropriate drivers for it resulting in the OS seeing the drives when it boots later (in the new computer).

Also, how would I hardware mirror a drive without having to reformat?

Thoughts? Ideas? Input?

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9 08 2007
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11 11 2009

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