Football, Fish and a Wedding – Busy weekend

9 07 2007

On Friday I went to the home opener of the BC Lions.  I have season tickets thanks to the good folks at the Team 1040 radio station.  We whooped Edmonton’s butts 29-9.  It was a fun time.  My friend let me park in his visitor parking while we were at the game, and when we returned to get our vehicle, there was lots of water, firemen and a fire alarm…  we drove out quickly.  Dunno what happened, but my friend said apparently it wasn’t anything that he needed to deal with.  Odd.

Saturday morning I got up bright and early (0630) to head out to Richmond.  It was “Fish for the Future” Day!  I met up with the organizer at about 0750 and we loaded my truck and another full of all the canopies and equipment for the day.

Once down at London Landing (end of Number 2 road) in Steveston more volunteers had arrived, so we all started unpacking and setting up.  We transformed a pretty quiet little pier into a bustling area of display booths and activity stations.  There was a family of swans with their little cygnets floating around the dock area.  They stuck around long enough to allow me to get a few good pictures.  By the start time of 1000 we had the fishing rods set up, the flytying and fly casting station ready, the Freshwater Fisheries society. BC Hydro, Seymour salmonid society and O.W.L all in action.  I moved down to my usual location – down on the floating dock with my buckets and worms.  We were ready.

The wind was light and the sun was strong.  I was glad I had my SPF45 sunblock on.  Kids started streaming down the gangplank to the dock and we were crazy busy getting worms on hooks and helping them get their lines in the water.  Worm after worm, line tangle after line tangle, we eventually had a constant rotation of approximately 25 kids fishing at any given time.  It wasn’t too long before our first fish of the day; a peamouth chub.  The tide was high, and on a slow ebb so the fishing wasn’t exactly fast and furious, but we did bring in some bullheads, peamouth chub, whitefish, northern pikeminnows and a big large scaled sucker!  We kept an aquarium up on the pier where people could see the fish and learn more about them.

I made a small break for myself this time, as I was determined not to miss the opportunity to photograph the birds of prey that they had on display (I had missed this the past 2 years – too busy).  I ended up with what I consider to be one of my best bird shots to date:

Barn Owl – Original Size Here (great detail)

You can see the little western screech owl they had also at: 
They were very beautiful birds.

We finished fishing and displaying at 1500, and then after unloading all the stuff back at the organizer’s home I headed back to my place and barely managed to make it without falling asleep. I was exhausted.  I walked in the door and slept until 2230!

With the weekend only half over there was still a Sunday of activity to go.  We woke up a bit late on Sunday morning, but we made up for that by having a quick brunch at home and then it was go-go-go!   One of Mrs D’s cousins’ daughter was being married and we were invited for the reception.  Since the dry cleaner had lost my shirt back in December I now had a dress shirt count of “0”.  We had to head out to the Bay to find a shirt.  After that, it was over to a friend who moved out of our complex and was having his housewarming party.  We had a great visit, and had a chance to see some of his pictures from his trip to Antarctica that he had taken.  Great stuff!  After visting and chatting until 1545 we headed home and caught the end of a couple of open houses.  Always a good opportunity to look around and get some design ideas.

Our neighbor dropped by and we chatted for a while. Always nice to get caught up, as we all seem to live such busy lives.

We left home at 1745 to get to Richmond for the wedding reception and made it nicely for 1830.  By a funny coincidence, one of the couples sitting at the table with us was at the “Fish for the Future” event on Saturday.  Small world 🙂  It was a great reception and the bride looked lovely in a cream coloured gown.  We ate the usual chinese multicourse meal and felt like you could roll us home when we were all done.  Finally we got home on Sunday night at around 2330, and it was time to pass out and get ready for work on Monday.  Crazy, but fun weekend.



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