Iwo Jima -> Iwo To

20 06 2007

Apparently, in classic military fashion the Americans misread the name of “Iwo Jima” for the little island in the Pacific.  It became famous for the epic battle pitching 10K US soldiers against 22K Japanese.  Leaving 7000 US and 0ver 20000 Japanese soldiers dead.  It was the site of the “flag raising on Suribachi”  It was the symbol of Allied perserverance that “We will win!”, and it was misnamed.

 The correct name of the Island is “Iwo To”.  As of today, the Japanese government has gone back to the historical name of the island, despite the now historical implications of the name. 

Why not leave it?  Many other places have changed names over time.  They don’t HAVE to go back to what they were “originally”



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