Goodbye Facebook

15 06 2007

Well, it looks like Facebook is becoming too popular.  Like Myspace, without colours and music to make you puke, many people like to surf the hyperaddictive social networking site. All. The. Time. 

 Obviously this causes grief in a workplace environment and yesterday Facebook access became a thing of the past in our company.  Just too many people wasting too much time and bandwidth.   Killed by it’s own popularity.   Funny thing though. BECAUSE we banned Facebook, I went over last night and signed up, because now I wanted to see what it was all about.   Meh.

 It was nice that I could get in touch with some old friends from high school, but I can’t see myself using it regulary.  Now that I’ve got my profile up on facebook  (you’ll need to be a member to see it) and up on myspace.  I’ve made sure the website links  point to here, people can read about me here, see my pictures at the photoblog and keep in touch using comments or email.  I’m good.

 I wonder how long before more and more companies realize that these kind of sites are just killing productivity and in many cases even more precious bandwidth.

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