First Aid Training last weekend

11 06 2007

We had our wilderness first training on the weekend.  What an appropriate weekend it was – blustery and raining on Saturday.  You got a real feel for the basic needs of your patient while the rain is coming down on you.  This was my 5th time taking the course  It’s a Wednesday night for the CPR, and then 8 hours on Saturday and Sunday each for the various scenarios.  As scout leaders, our group agrees that we should take the course approximately every 3 years.  One thing I have found is that the number of instructors has decreased, which means a little less 1 on 1 with the instructors pointing things out to you.  The course is offered through St. John Ambulance, and if you have a group of 8 or more you can have a “private group” session which is great with our scout group since it gives the youth a chance to work and learn without the pressures of as many adults around.

 So, I am now recertified in my Standard First Aid with Wilderness and CPR-C  Always good to keep up to date!  I’ll have some pictures available soon.




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