Annual Fishing Trip to MooseCamp

5 06 2007

Last weekend it was time for the annual “First Weekend in June trip to MooseCamp Resort” on Rioux lake.

The weather was hot (over 30C!) and the fishing was good. We left Vancouver at 0100 on Thursday night and didn’t get home until 2000 on Sunday.

During the time we were there, we caught literally hundreds of fish between the 9 of us, and kept a few nice silvery 14″+ rainbow trout. The evening surface fly fishing was great on Saturday.

We were entertained by Loons, Eagles and Osprey. We heard a moose nearby and we saw black bears when we were on the road to and from the resort. It was an awesome time. I’ve posted up some pictures of the trip over at my photo gallery.

Looks like this may become my new home

5 06 2007

It looks like my new home may be here and no longer They lost my last 2 years of blog posts.. I can’t say I’m a particularily happy man 😦

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