Guangzhou – January 25, 2007

4 02 2007

2007-01-25 (Thursday)

Man it was tough to wake up!  Nothing to do with the tequila, just too many late, late nights!  I bumped into the Sergio and Efrain (the two Mexican guys) at breakfast, and rethanked them for the the excellent time and tequila.  As a group the 8 of them made the last days of my hotel stay much more enjoyable.  I don’t know what I would have done if they hadn’t come along.  (Probably had more sleep and less booze?)

I spent Thursday (my last full day at work) organizing and taking pictures of EVERYTHING I had done so that when a support call comes later, we can refer to a picture of how it looks to direct staff to particular hardware more easily.  I created a few simple scenarios for my “tech contact” to troubleshoot, and although she was a bit reluctant to start looking deeper into the problems at first, by the end of the mock exercise she was much more confident in her problem solving abilities.  I made sure all the staff had all their access set up correctly, and that they wouldn’t have any surprises after I left.  The last couple of hours were spent mentally going over and over what I had done, and whether I had missed any little thing.  I was sure I had it all worked out.  At the end of the work day, told them all to go home and think really hard about ANY computer questions they had.  I was going to be leaving the next day, so they had better get them asked in the morning!

I got back to the hotel and settled in for some photo uploads and headed down to the lounge.  I went with the Curry beef on rice again as it was pretty good and wasn’t too expensive.  The band had started playing so I sat back and listened to them roll through their tunes.  The usual set.  It was sort of sad to think that I wasn’t going to hear them again after that evening.  I listened to them play until about 2200 but had to get up to my room to tidy up, and get ready to leave the next morning.  At the end of their last set before I left they played “Hotel California” for me again.  Nice ending.  I said my goodbyes to them, and headed up to my room, with a promise to send them the pictures that I had taken a couple of nights before.

Up in the room, I started packing and double checking to make sure everything was there and that I wasn’t leaving any unintended gifts behind.  When I travel, I like to keep everything in my suitcase since it helps me to keep from losing things.  It was pretty easy making sure it was all still together.  It was an earlier night to sleep since I was going to wake up earlier to get checked out before the van showed up. I went to sleep with an uneasy, nervous feeling, as I often do at the end of a trip – wondering if I’d forgotten something, something key that I needed to do at work still.  Only time would tell.

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