Guangzhou – January 24, 2007

3 02 2007

2007-01-24 (Wednesday)

With work winding down the days were getting easier.  I had definitely fallen into my routine, and with the exception of having to get up only 6 hours after drinking so much beer, life was pretty good.  I was starting to get the feeling I might have a small heart attack from having bacon and eggs every morning but I seemed to be staying alive.   They have two televisions in the restaurant at the hotel.  Each day it seemed a bit of a random crap shoot as to what you might get to watch.  Some mornings it seemed to be some sort of video game(?).  Many mornings it was the news in Chinese or English.  On this morning it was a Chinese boy band singing some tune which you could vote on (it would appear). This, by itself, wouldn’t have been bad except for the fact that they kept playing the same song OVER and OVER and OVER… I don’t know why, but it was driving me, and a few others crazy.  I grabbed the bull by the horns and after a quick query to the waitress, we were back to watching Chinese news.  WAY better than the boy band thing!

I went out after work for dinner to the local restaurant where previously I had gone 50-50 on the food.  This time, though, I was armed with two of my colleagues.  We ordered food based on what the menu said it was, rather than just the pictures – WAY easier to get what you want this way!  We had good time, and good food.  I know it’s expensive for these guys to eat out all the time, so I’m glad I could cover dinner at least one time.  We walked back to the hotel from the restaurant, and passed a couple of places that looked like they might be coffee/dessert shops.  My friend asked.  They were “hostess bars”.  No need to drink alone.  “I love you long time” kind of place.  Ah… modern China!  We decided to pass up on the “opportunity” since all three of us are HAPPILY married 🙂  Back at the hotel, I said my good night to the guys and got my laptop setup in my hotel room to start transferring the files that Vancouver was going to have for me, and pictures which I had.

Down to the lounge around 2100 for my evening dose of entertainment.  The guys from Nissan showed up again and next thing you know the night begins to slip away again.  As this was the last night that all the Nissan guys were going to be in town, the two guys from Mexico brought down some premium high end tequila.  2 26oz bottles!  The 9 of us managed to polish them off in about 30 minutes.  This was super smooth, and could be compared to a good 15+ year old Scotch.  You don’t get this kind of quality when you do “shooters at the bar” 🙂  Unlike North American bars, the staff were very accommodating to our need for lemons and salt, and didn’t mind at all that we brought in our own alcohol.  They knew it was just part of the big picture and that we weren’t going to be ignoring their supply of beer and Chivas for long 🙂

After a while we even had a few of them, and somehow me, up singing with the band for a few songs.  I’m sure the OTHER patrons just loved it (Why WERE they holding their ears?).  While the bar closed at 2400, the staff continued to serve, and attend to us until we finally let them go at about 0130.  Another late night.  I was really afraid of the morning after having had the tequila. The last time wasn’t pretty (Darren!).  I wished them all a good flight, and exchanged some business cards for later contact.  We all headed off to our rooms.

I got up to my room, and handled a few emails, and sleep came easy at about 0215.

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