10 08 2006

It was a nostalgic evening tonight.  My inlaws will be moving out of their home of 18 years soon, which got me to thinking about things from the past (or recent past).  I found a couple of really good memories, and two that while happy, bring back sad thoughts too….

My first meeting with my (then future) wife:


4x4ing up by Black Tusk with my sister when she came to visit.  I took them to see the snow on a hot BC summer day


My sweet PC.  Gone, but never to be forgotten


And my mom who lost a battle with cancer all too soon in her life.   It was the anniversary of her passing away recently, and I still feel like I should be able to just pick up the phone and tell about things.  This picture is one of my last of her.  We had visited after Christmas with the family, and it was good to see her just sitting back and relaxing, given how tough everything had been.

While none of these pictures is “Fantastic”, or capture the light in any special way, in many ways they are some of the most important pictures of my life.  I’m glad I took them, and I’m glad that I can share them.



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