Went Offroading today!

4 07 2006

Well, actually I went offroading about a year and a half ago, but didn’t seem to blog about it at the time. I’m backdating this post to match when it happened.

I took my two sisters-in-law and my cousin in law Color up to Brandywine meadow area near Whistler today.  We stopped first along the highway and had a look at Brandywine Falls.  There’s an interesting history as to how the falls got their name.  It’s a strange waterfall, in that you just come across this chasm-like drop where the falls are after walking downstream along a fairly nice little river.

After seeing the beauty of the falls it was time to head up into the backcountry.  We were heading up to the area below Brandywine Glacier, and would have some spectacular views of the surrounding area once we got clear of the brush below

It took a bit of narrow “road” driving, but we got up.  It was HOT, being in early July.  The sun was pretty relentless, but we decided to go for at least a short walk with my mainly “citybound” passengers.

I was right.  We had a beautiful of the Tantalus mountain range:

and of Black Tusk and its neighboring peaks:

When we were up at the snowmobile hut at the end of the road, we had a look inside and noticed about 4 hummingbirds that had got themselves caught inside and were bashing the window trying to fly out.  With the help of the ladies, I was able to reach up and scoop the birds up in my hand and release them outside the building so that they could continue their lives.  Unfortunately there were already a couple of birds that had probably starved to death trying to get out.  They are such beautiful, delicate birds.

Here’s one of our rescuees just before she flew away to freedom:

It felt really good being able to save such a beautiful creature.

We continued walking for a bit, but we started to roast in the open sun.  After beating a hasty retreat to the air conditioned truck we bounced our way back down to the bottom of the road, and headed to Whistler for some touring and lunch.

It was a busy weekend day in Whistler and just finding a place to eat was tough.  Once we got settled, it was REALLY nice to have a good cold beer and a tasty burger.

After lunch we headed back down the long and winding road.  This should have been the end of the excitement if not for the fact that the car four vehicles in front of us just veered into the center and plowed into sand filled divider.  BWAM!!!  I pulled over immediately and began to offer First Aid.  There were no apparently serious injuries, but I and another driver ensured that the occupants of the vehicle didn’t move more than necessary.  Police, ambulance, tow truck all came and we had quite the production.  Traffic was stopped and things were backing up badly.  Once we had done what we could, the police made the other traffic move so that we could get on our way.  Everyone else had to wait.  (Thanks guys!)

I found myself REALLY alert for the rest of the drive home and it was quick and uneventful.

So, there you have the posting… Actually posted in Jan ’08 but back dated to July 4, 2006



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