WestJet and Air Canada Settle lawsuit

29 05 2006

Some time ago, an ex Air Canada employee, now with WestJet, found out that they still had access to the “corporate” intranet site. They pointed this out to the WestJet management, and next thing you know WestJet has scripted a page scraper which was gleaning updated information form the site.  After they were caught by AC ( I seem to recall something about a script gone bad, and hammering the AC site) they of course denied wrongdoing etc…

Well, here’s the outcome (CBC):

WestJet: “This conduct was both unethical and unacceptable and WestJet accepts full responsibility for such misconduct.”

In a joint press release, WestJet apologized to its competitor and Air Canada top executive Robert Milton. Calgary-based WestJet will also pay $5 million to Air Canada for its investigation and litigation costs, and make a $10-million donation to children’s charities in the names of both airlines.

Wow! OK, I can see the “pay for our costs”, but the “Donate 10M to charities”.  That just rocks!  Instead of “pay us a large sum to make up for any gains you have made”,  Air Canada is asking that the money goes to help kids.  All I can say is “Wow!”   Good on Air Canada.  It would be nice to see more settlements end with this kind of requirements, rather than having companies just pocket more money.

On a comp-sec related note.  Admins and HR take note…   When an employee leaves (under good OR bad circumstances) REMOVE ALL COMPUTER ACCESS for that person.  It’s going to come back and bite you in the ASS if you’re lucky, and end up in your termination if you’re not.




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