I live in a puppet dictatorship

10 02 2006

I live in a puppet dictatorship, or so it seems.

The Conservative party of Canada was recently elected as the governing party for our country.  Their leader, Mr. Stephen Harper was elected as an MP, and, as of yesterday, is our Prime Minister.  Thankfully the win was a “minority government” which means that they will have to build some degree of consensus in order to be able to pass laws.  This is good, as the three other major parties in Canada are somewhat more left leaning, which will put a check on the far right views of this party. 

Things sound pretty good…  $100/mos for each kid under 6.  More money to farmers.  (Sounding almost socialist giving away all that money Mr. PM), but then we come to the cabinet ministers – the people that shape the policy that the government wishes to pass as law.   In this we find TWO major oddities.

1) David Emerson

      Mr. Harper had talked about the importance for accountability and integrity in politics.  In his first day in office, he names Mr Emerson as a cabinet minister.  Mr Emerson campaigned vehemently against the Conservatives and had promised his electorate that if the Conservatives were to win he would be a thorn in the side of any Tory minister.  Before he even does any task as an elected Liberal representative of his riding, he joins the Conservative Party, snubbing all the voters that voted for him as a Liberal candidate.  Mr Harper has the total lack of ethics and integrity to take this man, and make him a cabinet minister.  Shame.

2) Michael Fortier

      Mr. Fortier did not run in the federal election, he was not elected, he was not even a close second.  He chose not to be put to the “vote of the people” at election time.  Mr. Harper appointed him to the senate, and made him a minister.  The senate appointment (despite the conservative desire to have an elected senate) isn’t unusual, but having an UNELECTED cabinet minister forming the laws of the land – RIDICULUS.  How can he respond in question period?  From the visitors’ gallery?  Accountability?  Integrity?  Our parliamentary system is based upon the ability to question in public, and to receive an answer from the government regarding policy.  If the policy maker can’t even sit in the House of Commons how will that be achieved?   Shame.

Mr Harper – You’ve been in office one day, and you’re starting to run this country like a little puppet dictatorship.  The electorate doesn’t like to be fooled.  Ask the Liberals.  They can tell you.  If you don’t learn to do your job correctly- QUICKLY you will find yourself campaigning again, much sooner than you’d like.

Oh Canada, what have they done to thee?




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