Things I learned while touring Hong Kong/China

20 01 2006

Things I learned during my 3 weeks in Hong Kong and China

  • Chinese people are very gracious hosts
  • Hong Kong residents must be buying a new cell phone about every other week from the volume of business in Mong Kok area
  • Wrist watches – knock offs, are so common that people must own about 4 or 5 each.
  • Always try everything that is served to you.  You might like it.  (Note – the roaches…not so much)
  • Always try to fight for the bill, but let the host win.
  • Public transit, if done right, can be pretty painless.
  • Not all taxi cab drivers are East Indian.
  • While traffic in Hong Kong is scary, there are some unwritten rules that keep everyone alive
  • Traffic in Hong Kong is sane in comparison to Guangzhou
  • Bargaining is an intricate part of buying in China
  • You can find a street vendor who will you ANYTHING in China, if you look enough.
  • Dust and haze make for great sunset pictures.
  • Dust and haze ruin good landscape pictures, ergo it’s hard to take good landscape pictures in Chinese cities.
  • Life is all about who you know, and whether you can get in contact with them when it’s time.
  • Big families mean lots of dinners out when you visit.
  • 5 star hotels in China have no apparent standard which determines that they are 5 star hotels.
  • Chinese tours are cheap because they take you to a store for every attraction – Commission
  • Hong Kong people don’t dance.  Try finding a good dance club.
  • In China, if you need to get rid of something: burn it.  If that doesn’t work: burn it again.
  • Cash rules.  Credit is for Westerners.
  • In Hong Kong, if land is available it will have a 50+ story appartment building on it within the next 2 years.
  • 10 HKD T-shirts are a prime example of “You get what you pay for”
  • Fresh air is a different standard in HK than it is in Vancouver.
  • If you need something before 10:00 am in Hong Kong – tough 😦
  • If you need something after midnight in Hong Kong – No problem 🙂
  • Hong Kong emergency shelters start opening when daytime highs dip to 14C
  • Hang drying clothing does no good when RH is 80%

Those, I think, cover the main aspects of what I learned in HK/China

Edit: One important one….

  • A Nightclub is where a gentleman would go for company, (if you get my drift).  A DISCO is where one would go to dance if you could actually find it.



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18 06 2008

Some of these made me chuckle. Mainly because they are so true!

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