Hong Kong – Day 23 (January 16, 2006)

17 01 2006

Going home.

Today was an uneventful day compared to some of the other days, but it was 40 hours long!

We got up and got organized.  We packed the last of our bits and pieces into various corners of our luggage and washed the bedsheets and towels.  Then we waited for a bit as Maggie and Francis were coming by to take us to the airport.  They showed up around 1215, and we headed out.  We met Color quickly down in Central, as she had seen Mrs D’s other cousin and acquired the various Jackie Chan souvenirs. I had expected a signed book, but we also got 2 Jackie Chan pocket knives, 2 Jackie Chan T-shirts, and the signed book even had my name.  Wow!  Way more than I expected. I had been pretty happy just meeting him!  Then it was a last goodbye and many thanks to Color for everything, and we had to continue on our way.

Since we were in Central, we stopped for our last lunch in Hong Kong.  We went to a really good sushi place in IFC 2.  The fish was nice and fresh and they had some good variety.  The wasabi was freshly ground.  It had quite a kick.  We finished lunch with some red bean ice cream.  The ice cream was good.  The red bean part – not so sure.

By the time we finished lunch we had just enough time to get to the airport.  We checked in our bags.  One bag was about 18kg but two of them were 30kg!  Souvenirs.  Heh.  After the check in, we had to say goodbye to Maggie and Francis.  Maggie has been Mrs D’s good friend since high school and you could see she was unhappy about having to leave her.  One last time we had to fill out paperwork. This time it was “Departure Card” (Thank God we don’t do that between Canada and the US!) We moved on through the security point and were on our own.  We didn’t have a lot of time, so we didn’t really browse at the airport.  Our gate was 3 escalators, 1 train ride, and 2 people movers away.  Not exactly close.  We got to the gate with about 10 minutes to spare before boarding.  When we got on the plane, an airbus 340, it was smaller than the 747 we had arrived in, but that meant that our emergency exit seats were just the Mrs and I.  Our own private little seating area.  Nice.

We waited for a while and were wondering what the delay was.  Apparently 2 passengers with checked bags didn’t show up for the plane.  They had to find and remove their bags before the plane could take off. Grrr.  We left about 20 minutes late.  The flight was filled with babies/small children.  As we sat in the plane at least one of them was screaming at some time.  The plus side is that they would get tired soon, and fall asleep.  The flight was uneventful, and I played my game on the PSP, and listened to music.  The PSP battery lasted over 9 hours.  Impressive.

At 0900 PST, I started trying to act like it was 0900.  I woke up Mrs D and started trying get feeling like it was morning.  We arrived at the gate at 1220 PST, about 4 hours BEFORE we left Hong Kong – Bizarre.  As we left the plane, immigration officials were checking every passport. I’m guessing they may have been looking for the two that decided NOT to fly with us.  Hmmmm.  International excitement.  Customs wasn’t too long, and then we were off to get a cab and go to the garage where Mrs D’s CRV was.  The cab ride from the airport to about IKEA cost $20CAD!  I really miss the transport costs in HK!  It was raining in Vancouver, and had been raining for the past 27 days.  Apparently we just missed setting a record by one day.  Lucky us.  It had rained in Vancouver the entire time we were in Hong Kong.  In HK we had suffered a slight rain one day, but that was it. 🙂  After picking up the car we headed home to unpack.

Anne stopped by after work, and we showed her the various souvenirs we had picked up, and watched the hockey game (Oh how I missed my hockey!)  Then we went out for a nice dinner with Anne, to thank her for looking after Taffy so well while we were gone.  We had a nice meal of sushi and some noodles.  By the time we got home there was time to do a bit of laundry and go to sleep.  My trip was over.  It WAS nice to sleep in my own bed again, but I really loved the life in Hong Kong.  The city was so alive, and all our friends and relatives over there made it a trip of a lifetime! Thanks to everyone!  And thanks for reading the blog, and keeping up with us through our frantic travels!

Sorry – No pictures from today.




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