Hong Kong Day 21 (January 14, 2006)

15 01 2006

The second last full day here in Hong Kong was spent running around getting last minute shopping done, and visiting with relatives.  Today Mrs D picked up her HK smart ID card, and we met up with Andrew, Color and Larry for Dim Sum down in Times Square (actually UP in Times Square)  Lunch was on the 10th floor.  Many restaurants in Hong Kong are located in higher floors of buildings, due to the whole astronomical cost of real estate.  We picked up the Cell phones that we wanted to purchase.  It was nice to get that out of the way.

Andrew has a car, which is a bit of a mixed blessing in Hong Kong.  It’s expensive to go through the toll tunnels regularly, and gas is about $2CAD/L.  The nice part is that you can get to where you want to go, when you want, and that meant he could drive us to the BP International house.  The Scout headquarters in Hong Kong is located in Kowloon, and it is 7 floors of hotel, 1 floor of admin, 2 floors of meeting rooms and the Scout Shop on the top floor.   We watched a few meetings going on, and realized that they are pretty similar to our meetings (albeit with more leaders).  We also shopped around the Scout Shop for a bit, and picked up some badges, and a couple of key chains.

I knew we were going to dinner that  night with Color, Andrew and Larry but I didn’t realise that we were going to also go out to visit the Clearwater Bay Golf and Country club.  It was beautifully located on the bay, and in the Yacht club there were boats that easily would put you back 500,000 CAD.  The water in the marina was crystal clear.  We saw zebra striped fish, and horizontally striped fish (Microcanthus strigatus) We saw neon tetras, and large schools of really small fish that were obviously going to be food for the bigger fish around. On the bottom were large sea cucumbers and huge sea urchins.  We even watched for a while as a cuttlefish no longer than my thumb tried to catch the small fish in their schools.  We watched schools of pomfret glide and dart around effortlessly with their cool little crescent shaped fins. It was very relaxing.

Mrs D and I, in the setting sun, with Cheung Chau in the background:

After a drink at the small restaurant, we headed across the small peninsula to a little fishing village called Po Toi O.  This village pretty much is now two restaurants, and some old people selling dried fish.  The restaurant we ate at was located on the pier.  We met up with Carmen and her husband, and Jeanette and her daughter.  The nine of us feasted on Crab, lobster, prawns and fish.  Good Seafood!  It’s been a while.  It was a great meal, and there was a full moon over the bay to accent the beauty of the environment. 

We ate until about 2030, and then Andrew drove us home.  They, like Maggie and Francis, and Christine have been great at making sure we get where we’re going, and that we saw Hong Kong!  Thanks guys!

We’re running out of time here in this amazing place.  I definitely have to come back.




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