Hong Kong Day 4 ( December 28, 2005)

29 12 2005

Today was a good day.  We got up in the morning and went down to Stanley to meet Christine and Barry.  Once there, we got to go up to her place.  More stairs.  4th floor.  Of course people in the rest of world cheat.  The 1st floor is actually the 1st floor above the ground floor, so the 4th floor is actually the 5th.  Ugh.  Got some nice shots down to the Murray House where Mr’s D’s dad used to work.  They apparently moved the building brick by brick from it’s original location to there.  Christine’s apartment, like many in Hong Kong, is “cosy”.  500 sq. ft of luxurious closet 😉  She’s got a prime location right above all the tourist shops.  sweatshirts for $2CDN!  LOL!  We had a classic Hong Kong breakfast down in the back area of the tourist shops.  Coffee with egg and ham toasted sandwiches. After breakfast, we wandered around the tourist shops a bit and I decided to buy an onyx stamp with my “Chinese  Name” – Shan Long, “Mountain Dragon”.  Very cool.  I came up with that myself!

We took a crazy minibus from Stanley to Central to meet Mr’s D’s uncle number 4 on her dad’s side. This guy is 80 years old (turned on the 27th – Happy Birthday), and is really quite spry.  I can see him going for quite a few years still!  The bus ride was painful.  Wednesday was back to work day in Hong Kong, so the construction crews were out in force.  Our bus stopped a number of times for 10 minutes sometimes!  So, we ended up late to meet Uncle number 4.  Thank goodness he’s patient.  We ate at Hat Ka Hut. Dim sum along the style of the South China villages.  Some good stuff.  Very different from some of the food at the Vancouver Dim sum.   After lunch we went to try and get Mrs D’s Hong Kong ID card updated, but apparently they only take a certain number of drop-ins per day, and we were past that 😦  We then went back to the apartment to take stock of what we had, and where we were going that night. Man oh man was it tempting to just take a long nap…. No – I refuse to let Jet Lag catch me!

Dinner was a meet up with Peggy and Raymond.  Raymond works at the Regal Hotel down in Tsim Tsha Tsui(TST), so we were to meet up at a restaurant there called “L.A. Brasserie”,  American cuisine in Hong Kong!  Because my tour guide hasn’t been here in 6 years, it means we travel a bit early everywhere.  We arrived in TST an hour early, so we wandered around and checked out all the hotels.  Wow!  They know how to do hotels right!  We also had a look at the myriad of tailor shops.  I might get a couple of dress shirts tailored.  It would be nice to have one that fits perfectly, instead of having arms to short, or neck too large. The real question is can I bargain a better deal, and is there a better location in town for good shirts? We also found a store entirely devoted to selling Casio watches.  If Casio sells it, and it keeps time – They have it!  1830, we went up to the restaurant.  Wow. Nice place (you’ll have to excuse all the “WOW’s” Things are a bit overwhelming most of the time.)  Dinner was superb.  on par with some of the finest dining in Vancouver area – albeit also on par pricewise.  After the luxurious dinner of ribs, and wine, and good company we decided to head back via the ferry.  Taking the ferry meant that we got to see all the cool Christmas lights in central.  They don’t spare any expense on these things.  60 story office buildings with animated waving Santa lights! Wow! (there I go again).

After a brief foot race to catch the bus, we were back home by about 2230.  I was so tired, all I had time to do was transfer my photos, and crash.

See you tomorrow!

photos at: http://www.fotothing.com/dragonspeed

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